Save Money And Energy- Tips to Save On Electric Bill

save on electric bill & improve the environment/economySaving money on energy makes such good sense, as one would be doing something about both of these problems at the same time. But with many of us working multiple jobs, the thought of also having to worry about conserving energy on top of everything else isn’t exactly attractive. So what happens? Most people pay it no further mind. This is such a shame as it’s actually very easy to save money on electricity at home.


It’s all just a matter of knowing how to go about it. Like with anything else, if you have the right information then you can do something fairly easily. Imagine if you didn’t know how to tie your shoes. Getting dressed in the morning would pose a real problem. Obviously you learn this data at an early age so that you can use it for the rest of your life. The same could go for energy saving. Having the data makes the difference between it being something easy or difficult to do.


But Why Bother Conserving Energy?


save money on power bill stop pollutionEnergy conservation is a necessary activity as it helps the environment. As much of our current energy is generated from “dirty” sources (coal, oil, etc) a lot of pollution is generated as a result. Saving energy reduces the demand and thus lowers the amount of pollution generated. Not to mention that it helps us to buy time until we are mostly using clean and renewable energy sources in the future.


There is also the benefit of saving money. We’ll go into more specific information on this later, but every energy-saving action you implement will help to bring down your monthly power bill. This can result in pretty decent savings. The best part is that once you have many of the following tips in action, you won’t have to do anything else to continue saving money.


Ok, so you know the reasons why you should be working to reduce electricity. Now let’s get onto the tips themselves.


Energy Saving Tips To Help Save Money on Power Bill


Outlined below, you’re going to find some of the best ways to reduce the amount of electricity that you use. Some of the following tips cost nothing to implement. Others will require a small investment. Just keep in mind that these investments will eventually pay for themselves in terms of money saved on electricity.




Check out the following infographic:

infographic save on power bill

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Heating and Cooling


Here’s another handy infographic:

saving money on electricity Infographic- heating & cooling

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Water Heating


Sorry, no nifty infographic for this one. But here’s some useful tips nevertheless:

– Insulate your water heater to prevent any loss of heat. This will keep the water inside hotter for longer and reduce the electricity spent.

– Insulate the connecting pipes as well to further prevent the loss of heat.

– Take showers instead of baths. This will not only use less hot water, but less water in general as well.

– Wash clothes and dishes with cold water whenever possible.

– Ensure you have no leaky faucets. Even a slow drip of hot water can add a lot to your monthly electricity bill.


General Appliances

how to save on electricity bill tipsHere’s some more tips you can use to reduce the amount of electricity used on your general appliances:

– Plug all appliances into a smart power strip. This device will stop the appliances from drawing power after it’s turned off.

– When washing clothes, do larger loads rather than many small loads. The amount of electricity used per load is almost the same so less loads = less electricity (and water) spent.

– If you’re shopping for a new appliances, be it a washer or a refrigerator, get one that is Energy Star certified. It will use less electricity than typical appliances in that category.

– Turn up the temperature a bit in your freezer and refrigerator. If you have items that can spoil more easily than most (like milk), then place those items next to the cold air vent in the fridge.


conserve energy how much can you save on utility bills?How Much Can I Save On Electric Bill?


This naturally leads to the question of how much money could really be saved by applying the above tips. This will vary from person to person as appliances and usage habits will differ from home to home.  But, we can make a reasonable estimate depending on which tips are implemented.


The most effective tip above is to install an Electric Saver…

As heating and cooling makes up about 50% of the average electricity bill, saving in this area will have the biggest impact on your bill. Therefore an Electric Saver can lower your bill by 10% to 20% on it’s own.  And it requires no maintenance and lasts for 25 years.  That’s a whole lot of energy savings!


By contrast, if you were to only switch out your light bulbs with LED bulbs, you may only save 2% to 3% on the overall bill.


But if you were to apply a majority of the above tips, you could save anywhere from 20% to 25%. If your monthly electricity bill was $200, you could be saving about $40 to $50 every month!

ways to conserve energyIn Closing-  Your 2 Precious Commodities…


Anyone has the ability to save on 2 precious commodities: energy and money. Doing so will not only contribute to a healthier environment through reduced energy usage, but will also lead to a financially healthier household. The above tips are a guideline on how this can be done, but it is far from a complete list. I encourage you to go out and find even more ways you can help conserve energy. Mother Nature will thank you and so will your wallet.


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