The Real Truth About Power Saving Devices…

Power Save 1200There are lots of different products that enter the market all of the time but few are as misunderstood as the power save 1200 device. In a world full of scams and low-quality, pretty much worthless products, it makes sense that consumers are skeptical.

But to completely overlook something that is a great value is also foolish. This brings us to the power save (aka power saver 1200). Some would argue that it is just another scam product while others would swear by its effectiveness. But let’s slow down and answer a few crucial questions first.

What Is The Power Save 1200 Product?

The first thing you need to know is what it actually is. To put it simply, it’s a device that gets installed in your home or business that has the ability to recycle energy that would normally get wasted by certain common appliances.

This would in turn increase the electrical efficiency of the area employing it thus reducing the electricity bills for that residence or business.

How is My Energy Being Wasted & How do Powersavers help?

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Sounds great so far, but you may wonder what energy is being wasted. Well, many appliances (like pool pumps, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.) actually draw more electricity from the power company than they actually need.

Here’s a simple explanation of how it works:

When you plug an appliance into the wall, you are connecting it to a supply of alternating current. This type of electricity is so called because rather than traveling in a continuous direction, the electricity goes back and forth (kind of like the motion used to floss your teeth).

This back and forth motion has a certain rhythm, or frequency, to it (measured in hertz). When an appliance is connected to it, it needs to be able to accept this kind of power, and must draw the electricity “in synchronization” with the power supply. When these two are not in sync, some electricity “gets missed or wasted”.

If that’s a little confusing, then imagine that you have a bucket and are standing near an apple tree. Someone else is up in the tree throwing you apples that you catch in your bucket. Every time you catch an apple, you take it out of the bucket and put it in a box. But before you’re ready to catch the next apple, the next one is thrown at you and hits the ground. You now have your bucket ready and you do catch the next apple, and so on.

As you can see, some of the apples are all over the ground “getting wasted” (if you weren’t able to use them as is the case with electricity) because you and your partner are not in sync. While a crude analogy, this is essentially what is happening with certain electrical appliances.

So what of this wasted electricity? What happens to the apples that hit the ground? Well, it will build up in your home’s wiring and eventually turn into heat (ever felt a warm power cable?). Once that happens, the electricity is gone, yet you still had to pay for it.

So How Does A Power Saver Device Correct This?


The unit gives the wasted electricity a place to go. It gets collected by the device and is stored there for just a short while before being sent back out to your appliances for actual use. Think back to our apple example. If you have a third person going and picking up the apples dropped on the floor and putting those into the box, fewer would be wasted. This is what the device is doing.

power saver devicesHow Effective Are Power Saving Devices?

This depends on a number of factors. Any attempt to give an exact figure would be a lie, as each home or business will have different appliances running for different amounts of time, as well as other variables.

But most residential users see an average reduction of about 15% on their monthly electricity bill. Some will have a bit lower reduction while others will get a higher one, but 15% is a fair average.

The max savings that has every been reported to us was 40% but that was a rare occasion and the chances of that happening to you aren’t likely unless you live on the 90th floor of an apartment building and use alot of a/c, refrigeration, and other such motors/appliances.

In businesses there is even more of a variance in results as some companies employ a lot of machines and appliances that waste electricity in the way described above.

For example, a gym, with many air conditioners running all day long, would probably get better results than a small office.  A Grocery Store would save even more as they have alot of refrigeration units running 24/7 to keep meat/produce/dairy from spoiling.

In terms of savings, you could do the math yourself. If you paid $200 per month for electricity before installing the unit, then you would pay about $170 after it was installed (at a 15% reduction). After a year, you would have saved about $360, which is more than 2x what a Power Save 1200 unit costs.


So Why The Controversy on Powersavers?


There are still some people who claim the device is nothing but a scam. There’s a few reasons for this. First of all, if the installation isn’t done properly, then you may not get the desired results. Secondly, there are some people who really don’t need one. As the device works to recycle wasted electricity, putting one in a home or business where wasted electricity isn’t happening all that much would not be practical.

power save deviceSome people have fallen into one of the above categories and were displeased by the lack of results. But this is the same thing as a person with no teeth complaining that their toothpaste isn’t getting them any results! Actual testing of the product yourself on your home or business takes away the guesswork as to whether you’ll get a result or not.


So Should You Get A Power Save 1200 Device?


If you live in a house with a central a/c unit, washer, dryer, or refrigerator you could probably use one. This isn’t to say that anyone living without a central a/c unit wouldn’t be a good candidate.   If your property has ever been victim to power surges or brownouts, this product would give you additional protection against this as well. Most across the USA have reported back to us an average savings of 15%.  And we have less than a 1% return rate on our products.  We’ve sold alot of units all over the world so our product (and results) speaks for itself.

Power Save 1200 Review

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Because our Power Save 1200 Device comes with a 1 year full money back guarantee, we GUARANTEE you save energy and get results on your home or business or your money back.  Use our device for a full year, compare your energy bills… you will be shocked and surprised at how much you save with 1 simple device.

It installs in 20 minutes to your electric panel and has a full 20 year warranty.  So your savings will be coming to you for decades!  Buy It Now and Be sure to email us your results.  We love sharing your success stories with others!  Our mission is to help as many people as possible save energy with our American Made, Engineered and Manufactured products. Join our Extended Family across the nation.  Start Saving Today!


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